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Eating Disorder Support

I know how hard it is.. Ive been through it all... Hospitalization, physical distress, side effects, the emotional rollercoaster.... If you would like to talk to someone who actually understands what its like to walk a mile in your shoes.. Id like to help. Whether that is with advocacy, nutrition, goals and guidance.

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BodyBuilding and Physical Development

With 7 Bodybuilding competitions under my belt, with several wins, and topping off I have earned my WFF Pro Card. I feel confident to support you on your physical development journey. From Comp Prep support to general physical wellness and growth. With having lived experience with Eating Disorders and recovery, I know the struggles of gaining weight, building muscles and also weight management. If this is an element that needs strengthening, i can help.

Mental Health and Wellness Stability

Suffering from anxiety and depression, i have come through struggles into strength. With lived experience, i would like to offer guidance on your wellness journey.

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With having a passion for food and how high i hold this as a fundamental factor for balanced wellness, I would like to offer meal plans, vitalizing recipes and I can even show/demonstrate to you; an easy "how to" lifestyle guide.

Peer Support

I have developed “phase 11” where I will use collaborated techniques I have learned over my years within being embedded in the mental health industry. With this and 1:1 support meetings from a peer perspective, I hope to be the support for people when it is needed in such a important growth chapter of their lives. This is very innovative and creative way of treating mental health. I believe this can aid people in their wellness journey.

Why is Volve needed?

Why is Volve needed?
Ministry of Health have revealed that a growing number of young New Zealanders are battling psychological distress.
Psychological distress was defined in the survey as having “high or very high probability of anxiety or depressive disorder.”
The percentage of 15 to 24-year-olds struggling with mental health has been steadily increasing, affecting 5% five years ago, 8.8% in 2015/2016 and 11.8 in the past year.

The estimated number of young people experiencing psychological distress has increased in the past year from 58,000 to 79,000.
One in 10 young kiwi’s seeking mental health support is left waiting more than two months to be seen by a professional.
I know by collaborating with education providers and connecting with young New Zealander’s on a peer level I can do my bit to make a significant difference.
New Zealand also has the highest youth suicide rates – between the ages of 15 and 19 – in the OECD
“Counselling for any young person who wants to talk about the ups and downs they are experiencing, with a trained professional and from a Peer perspective will make a huge difference to their well-being”
In the past five years: Maori rates have increased from 7.4% to 11.5%; Pacific rates increased from 8.5% to 11.8%; And European rates increased from 3.9% to 7.3%
With these astounding figures: I think now is the time we step up and do what we can to impact and improve youth in New Zealand’s mental health.


What makes Peer Support unique?

  • It is a non-clinical organic intervention for people experiencing mental distress and/or an addiction
  • By offering support to achieve meaningful, personal or social goals and greater well-being is sustained.
  • Provide support BEFORE a crisis.
  • Non-judgmental and personal
  • Empathize from personal experience
  • Connection on a mutual level of shared experiences
  • Walking alongside; guiding not directing. This allows for power to be balanced. For a connection of understanding warmth to develop.
  • Equal relationship where the giving and accepting is reciprocated. This allows the person to feel genuinely understood, listened to and accepted.
  • Working from a strength based perspective.
*Providing hope and inspiration: Role model
*Meet in the person’s environment, this allows for the person to feel comfortable and safe.

Why did I start Volve?

It's because when I reflect on my past, especially with photos, it pains me to think I was not only purposely hurting myself; but I was hurting a lot of people around me due to them not having a clue how to support me. It's a very complex and complicated way of being; my support is coming from a place of genuine understanding and empathy.

I found my eating disorder very misunderstood by others when I look back now; and I know that talking to someone who has survived and done well after, would have been helpful. Clinical services; in my opinion has its benefits, especially medically. They have everyone in every department ; just not someone who has been in their shoes, and taken each step, one at a time, into wellness.


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